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Information on the major cities, states, & countries in the world can be found here.  It 's going to contain an enormous amount of information some of it useful, some of it just background info.  Eventually details will change to reflect changes in the world as they happen.  That's when it gets interesting!  Click a coat of arms below to see the region.



County of Ulek Duchy of Ulek Principality of Ulek Keoland The Pomarj
Many Banners
Kingdom of Nyrond Furyondy Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms
Tenh Theocracy of the Pale County of Urnst Horned Society Duchy of Urnst
South Province Onnwal Idee Celene Sunndi
The Shield Lands Veluna Tiger Nomads Wolf Nomads Plains of the Paynim
Gran March Dyvers Empire of Iuz Rovers of the Barrens The Bone March