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Gran March


Proper name: Gran March

Ruler: His Most Resolute Magnitude, Magnus Vrianian, Commandant of Gran March (LG male human)

Government: Feudal monarchy, structured along military lines, with minor fealty to Keoland and overseeing current government in Bissel; noble housees and goverment are closely entwined with a militant quasi-religious knighthood, the Knights of the Watch; commandant chosen every five years by vote of nobles and knights

Capital: Hookhill

Population: Human 79%, Elf 8%, Dwarf 5%, Halfling 3%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%, Other 1%

Law: LN

Allies: Keoland, Sterich, Bissel, Ulek states

Enemies: Ket, evil humanoids in Geoff and Crystalmists


Gran March is an exceptionally martial nation. At age fifteen, all fit males enter mandatory conscription for a period of up to seven years. Girls may join the rank and file as well--though this is something of a modern development. The fact that many of these young men and women continue to pursue military careers after their initial enlistment periods is a testament to national pride and the respect the army receives in Gran March.

Recently, Gran March has become the home-in-exile for Duke Owen I of the Duchy of Geoff. While Commandant Magnus Vrianian sympathizes with the Geoffites' plight and has his own problems with the giants occupying the Duchy, he has not committed to help the duke take back his country--yet.