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Proper name: Free City of Greyhawk

Ruler: His Solemn Authority, the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk, Nerof Gasgal (LN male human)

Government: Lord mayor elected by an oligarchy representing the city's major mercantile, military, legal, economic, criminal, religious, and magical guilds

Capital: Greyhawk, other major cities within it's domain are Hardby and Safeton

Population: Human 79%, Halfling 9%, Gnome 5%, Elf 3%, Dwarf 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%

Law: N

Allies: Duchy of Urnst, Furyondy, Nyrond, County of Urnst, Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Shield Lands

Enemies: The Pomarj, the Bright Lands, various evil religions


People of all nations and races can be found in this thriving metropolis, and trade from all across the Flanaess passes through Greyhawk.

The people of Greyhawk pursue knowledge and wealth. The University of Magical Arts and the Grey College, among its many schools, attract students from all across the land.

Those who wish to talk, too, come to Greyhawk. With its reputation as a free City standing at the center of all its laws, Greyhawk provides a safe haven for diplomats and ambassadors who cannot travel to faraway lands. While this volatile mix often breeds intrigue and occasional small-scale violence, the Lord Mayor brooks no major incidents--and getting banned from the Free City is something no diplomat wishes.

Still, some do not care for the Free City's benefits. The dread Horned Society has shown this--recent ritualistic murders beneath Greyhawk's streets concern many citizens.