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Principality of Ulek


Proper name: Principality of Ulek
His Serene Highness, Prince Olinstaad Corond of Ulek, Lord of the Peaks of Haven (LG male dwarf)
Independent feudal monarchy with hereditary rulership, in which the royal and noble houses are all dwarven; royal family (House Corond) owns Gryrax and closely administers affairs of the realm, including some internal affairs of the noble realms
Human 53%, Dwarf 30%, Halfling 10%, Elf 3%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Other 1%
Ulek states, Keoland, Gran March, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Greyhawk, Knights of Luna, Knights of the Watch (weak), Celene (in theory, now hated for isolationism)
The Pomarj, Empire of Iuz, Scarlet Brotherhood

The comsmopolitan Principality of Ulek is likely the largest mixed dwarven and human realm in the Flaness, and one of few that is both possessed and administered by dwarves themselves. It prospers tremendously from foreign trade that passes through its markers, and goods from the Principality are highly valued.
Traditionally dominated by nonhumans, the Ulek States are infamous for their provincial natures, but the prince and his court conduct foreign policy and trade with their neighbors as would any human lord. Taken together, halflings and dwarves outnumber humans in most of the Principlality's provinces, and this racial breakdown carries over to the military forces of the realm.