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Bone March


Proper name: The Bone March

Ruler: His Nobility, Clement, the Marquis of Bone March (LN male human)

Government: Formerly a feudal march subject to the Great Kingdom, now controlled by a conclave of goblinoid chiefs

Capital: Spinecastle

Population: Human 37%, Orc 20%, Halfling 18%, Gnome 10%, Elf 7%, Half-orc 4%, Half-elf 3%, Dwarf 1%

Law: LE

Allies: North Kingdom

Enemies: Nyrond, Ratik, Frost/Ice/Snow Barbarians


Goblinoid tribes from the Rakers control most of the Bone March; petty bandit chiefs rule the remaining humans and spend their energies raiding neighboring Ratik and the Northern Province. The Marquis, once the ruler of the humans in this realm, is missing and presumed dead.

But the Bone March has begun to settle a bit. The humanoid tribes and the bandit gangs have begun to cooperate (or, at least, not kill each other on sight). Reports of masked, presumably human, advisors attending councils of orcs and gnolls at Spinecastle are increasingly common.