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Wolf Nomads


Proper name: The Wegwiur
: The Fearless Wolf Leader, Tarkhan of all the Wegwiur, Commander of the Relentless Horde, Bargru (CN male human)
Numerous loosely allied nomad tribes; hereditary leader of the ruling clan has authority (limited by charisma and force) over other khans
Eru Tovar
Human 96%, Halfling 2%, Elf 1%, Other 1%
Rovers of the Barrens
Empire of Iuz, Tiger Nomads (sometimes), evil humanoids and bandits from Blackmoor and Cold Marshes

The Wolf Nomads are a stoic nation of barbarians. Though its population is unpredictable as a whole, a Wolf Nomad's word is good, and many have the watchful trust of caravan leaders traveling to Blackmoor or the Tiger Nomads. They make excellent guides, though they are easily offended when outsiders (often unwittingly), violate one of their taboos. These instances occur so regularly that experienced merchants budget in extra time and money to atone for unexpected transgressions.
The Wolf Nomads hate Iuz. The demigod and the Wolves have never gotten along, and the main city of the realm, Eru Tovar, stands ready to endure a siege if Iuz attacks. This intransigence in the face of great evil has won the respect of many outsiders.