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Theocracy of the Pale


Proper Name: Theocracy of the Pale

Ruler: His Worshipful Mercy, Theocrat Ogon Tillit, Supreme Prelate of the Pale[LN male human]

Government: Theocracy, high-ranking clerics wield power in a feudal system with the Supreme Prelate at the top of the hierarchy

Cities: Wintershiven

Population: Human 96%, Halfling 2%, Elf 1%, Other 1%

Law: LN

Allies: Many chruches across the Flanaess. Tenh nobles who converted to Pale worship and aim to rule Tenh as a subject state of the theocracy

Enemies: Empire of Iuz, Stonehold, evil humanoids and giants; all other states and peoples of the Flanaess are considered pagans or heretics, minor enemies of the Pale by default; wizards are suspect as they ofter worship gods; all religions with criminal or evil aspects


The Pale is ruled by a clerical hierarchy in the name of the god, Pholtus. The Pale has been living under an inquisition for more than two centuries. Evil priesthoods and hostile cults are actively routed and destroyed, while other faiths are suppressed. Arcane magicians and other so-celled "consorts of demons" are also closely watched.

Despite these unpleasant aspects. Plae has much to recommend it. Monasteries house some of the Flanaess' most impressive libraries and respected philosophers. Their soldiers are among the best trained and most disciplined in the Flaneass. Unfortunately, troll invasions from the Troll Fens have tripled in size the last two seasons, and reports of a new "Troll King" are disquieting.