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Rovers of the Barrens


Proper Name: People of the Plentiful Hungtinglands
Ruler: His Mighty Lorship, the Ataman of the Standards, Durishi Great Hound, Chief of the Wardogs [CN male human]
Government: Four loosely allied clans, each composed of several nomadic tribes; each tribe led by a chieftain elected for fighting ability and leadership; best warriors join the Wardogs (not aligned with any tribe), and the best warrior of the Wardogs has limited authority over all tribal chiefs
Cities: No capital; no cities, only temporary camps of up to five thousand people
Resources: Furs and hides, horn, gold, horses
Population: Human 37%, Orc 20%, Goblin 18%, Hobgoblin 10%, Halfling 7%, Gnome 5%, Half-orc 3%
Law: CN
Allies: Elves of the Fellreev, centaurs of the Fellreev and Barrens, Wolf Nomads (humans); Iuz (Orcs)
Enemies: Hold of Stonefist, Bandit Kingdoms, Iuz (humans); Elves of the Fellreev, centaurs of Fellreev and Barrens (Orcs)

The Rovers are a race of barbarians driven nearly to extinction by Iuz and his friends. They live a furtive existence, confining themselves mainly to the northermost part of the Barrens. Their land is aptly names the Barrens for the tribes endure bitter winters and dry summers, taking from the poor land all they can to survive.
    Among the Rovers' war bands are a group of swift runners gifted with legendary endurance. Known as the Wardogs, these masters of close-fighting techniques favor the hatchet and the knife, and some specialize in the lariat. Their agility and outrageous bravado are renowned throughout the Flanaess, giving rise to the expression "wild as a Wardog."