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Empire of Iuz


Proper name: Empire of Iuz

Ruler: Iuz the Old, Lord of Evil (CE Half-Fiend male human)

Government: Dictatorship, directly ruled by Iuz

Capital: Dorakaa

Population: Orc 45%, Human 25%, Hobgoblin 10%, Halfling 5%, Half-orc 3%, Gnome 2%, Other 10%

Law: CE

Allies: None

Enemies: Most sane beings of Oerth count Iuz as their enemy; all fear him.


Dedicated to self-serving evil and pursuit of power, the demigod Iuz rules the empire that bears his name. His armies occupy even his own land as if it were a hostile country needing to be conquered. Iuz does not hesitate to prey on the weak and has made several attempts to conquer surrounding realms. His empire currently encompasses the Land of Iuz, the Horned Lands, the Shield Lands, the Bandit Lands, and the Barren Lands.

Thanks to the use of the Crook of Rao, most of Iuz's fiends have been driven out of Greyhawk. This sudden loss of demonic support has resulted in low morale among this remaining troops and revolts throughout his regime. The kingdoms of Furyondy and Veluna, sworn to completely destroy Iuz and his empire are using this opportunity to strike against him.