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Plains of the Paynims

Proper name: Nomadic tribes of the Plains of the Paynims and the Dry Steppes
: No central authority; various nomadic leaders
Many pett tribal nobles (khans or amirs), rulled by progressively more powerful nobles (ilkhan, orakhan, or shah) and royalty (tarkan, padishah, or kha khan); great variation between nomadic bands in particulars of government
No capital
Human 96%, Centaur 2%, Halfling 1%, Other 1%
Nearby states (occasionally)
Ull (sometimes) Knights of the Watch, drow in Sulhauts (minor)


Nomadic tribes of Paynim roam the plains of this land, warring and trading with one another in a cycle unpredictable to outsiders, but somehow understood by the locals. Though they value gold and other items, they count their true wealth in horses and livestock (and in some tribes, slaves), and hold their freedom on the plains as their greatest treasure.
Paynim tribes are usually only light armored and appear to be no match for the heavy cavalries of other lands. But in the heat of the plains, heavy armor is more a curse than a blessing, and the well-trained riders of the Paynim have driven off more heavily armed raiders.