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Proper name: Kingdom of Furyondy

Ruler: His Pisou Majesty, the King of Furyondy, Belvor IV (LG male human)

Government: Feudal monarchy, hereditary kingship (no current heir) limited by Noble Council

Capital: Chendl

Population: Human 79%, Elf 9%, Halfling 5%, Dwarf 3%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%

Law: LG

Allies: Veluna, Shield Lands, Highfolk, Ulek States, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Knights of the Hart

Enemies: Impire of Iuz, Scarlet Brotherhood


Furyondy boasts an impressive standing army. Its regular forces enjoy the support of mercenaries, adventurers, and warriors provide by local lords. The force of Fuyrondy's infantry alone is fearsome.

The king of Furyondy rules with support of the Seven Families (each controlling a single province in the kingdom). While the king has preeminence, each noble lives in a court that rivals that of the king himself. Opulence and splendor sparkle amid the seven provinces, and rivalry for reputations' sake is not unknown.

Recent war has drained the royal coffers, and the kingdom's infrastrucure suffers. Much of the road system, once Fyryondy's pride, lies in shambles. Individual lords must maintain these roads, and courtly needs outweigh travelers' needs. This has affected the nation's economy; trade is at an alarming low.