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Proper name: Kingdom of Keoland

Ruler: His Peerless Majesty, the King of Keoland, Kimbertos Scotti (LG male human)

Government: Feudal monarchy with rulership that passes between mutiple royal houses

Capital: Niole Dra

Population: Human 40%, Elf 20%, Gnome 18%, Halfling 15%, Half-elf 5%, Dwarf 2%

Law: NG

Allies: Gran March, Sterich, the Ulek states, Geoff exiles, Bissel

Enemies: The Pomarj, Empire of Iuz, Scarlet Brotherhood, evil humanoids and giants in Crystalmists and elsewhere, Sea Princes, Celene (greatly disliked), Valley of the Mage (under suspicion)


These lands are some of the most provincial and bucolic in the Flanaess, largely untouched by war and conflict. The folk of the land can be friendly and generous, but they are primarily noted for their superstitious natures, particularly their wariness of foreigners.

For much of the history of Keoland, magical study was banned to most of its citizenry. Magic was restricted to secret societies, certain nobility, and members of court. There is little evidence of powerful magic here and to this day there is still much fear and suspicion of those who practice magic. Visitors beware! The nation's emergence from previous dark times has been slow.