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Bandit Kingdoms









Proper Name: None

Ruler: Various petty warlords and tyrants

Government: Seventeen loosely allied petty dictatorships, currently administered (often in name only) by the occupying forces of Iuz

Capital: Largest city in strongest fiefdom is captial -- usually Rookroost, Riftcrag, or Stoink

Population: Human 79%, Half-orc 9%, Halfling 5%, Elf 3%, Gnome 2%, Dwarf 1%, Half-elf 1%

Law: CE

Allies: Continually shifting alliances with other free lords

Enemies: Shield Lands, Rovers of the Barrens, Tenh, County of Urnst, Theocracy of the Pale, Nyrond, Knights of the Holy Shielding, Knights of the Hart


Under the boot of Iuz, thousands of well trained but cheerfully rowdy bandits strive for independence. Iuz's commanders don't have the resources or intelligence to root out every bandit living in the Rift Canyon. These lands have almost no natural resources, but as the saying goes, "Why worry about growing that which exists to be stolen?"

Those who would visit the Bandit Kingdoms do so with care. Iuz's occupying army is an obvious threat, and roving bands of thieves and mercenaries are greedy and copricious. Rulership of individual bands changes without warning, and today's friend is likely to be tomorrow's foe.