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Proper Name: Kingdom of Nyrond

Ruler: His August Supremacy, Altmeister of All the Aerdi, King Lynwerd I of Nyrond[LG male human]

Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy

Capital: Rel Mord

Population: Human 79%, Elf 9%, Halfling 5%, Dwarf 3%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%

Law: LN

Allies: Duchy of Urnst, County of Urnst, Greyhawk, Onnwal(rebel faction), Iron Hills, Irongate, Sunndi, Theocracy of the Pale(extremely tested)

Enemies: Scarlet Brotherhood, North Kingdom, Empire of Iuz, many evil cults attempting to destabilize kingdom, Ahlissa(distrusted)


Nyrond has been devastated by the emotional and monetary costs of war. For many of Nyrond's desperate subjects, banditry ( or other illicit business ) has become a vaible alternative to honest trade. Because the country is so economically drained, heavy fines are favored over imprsionment. Debtors prisons, a new development in law enforcement now dot the countryside.

A recent expedition into the Eastern Abbor-Alz, led by King Lynwerd's cousin, Lady Astra Callistor, vanished without a trace after entering a valley dominated by ancient, abandoned towers. Rumors abound that an illegititmate son of the king has surfaced among witches in the Gnatmarch. If these rumors are true, a struggle for primacy could build in a land that can scarcely afford more troubles.