The dwarves of the Flanaess are an ancient race. On the dwarven calendar the current year is 6317 D.A., making the dwarven calendar the oldest on Oerik. Dwarves are very proud of their history, yet dwarven history has tended to be so insular that few other races are familiar with it. Part of the reason for this is that dwarves began long ago as an underground race. Only in the last few centuries have dwarves become more involved in above ground affairs than below ground. One of the main reasons for this has been the rise of human cities and the merchant class. Dwarves love city life and trade.

Dwarves also love mining, especially for precious metals. Silver and gold are okay, but every dwarven miner dreams of finding a new vein of mithral or adamantite. This preoccupation extends beyond mining. Dwarven craftsmen pursue the strongest and sturdiest building materials. Aesthetic value is often forsaken as dwarven architects strive for durability.

The status quo is very important to dwarves. What is important to dwarves today is important because it was centuries ago. Traditions tell a dwarf when to wake up in the morning, when and what to eat, and how to comb his beard. There are at least 300 beard styles, each with significance in dwarven culture. One of the distinct advantages of the rigidity of dwarven culture for non-dwarves is that the two dwarven languages have no dialects. All hill dwarves speak Makilhorem, as all mountain dwarves speak Brekuntorik.

The dwarves recognize twelve deities, the most commonly worshipped being Clanggedin Silverbeard (god of battle and honor), Dunathoin (god of mining), Berronar (demi-goddess of home and clan), and Ulaa (goddess of hills and mountains).

The community is highly valued by dwarves, often valued over the individual, so dwarves are known as staunch defenders when their communities are threatened. Dwarves have found themselves almost constantly thrust into this role throughout their history. Other races, particularly orcs and goblins, have long coveted the dwarves' mines and homes. The history of these wars is ancient, but largely unknown to non-dwarves because the battles have been fought underground or in remote mountain ranges. Every dwarf is taught enough history to hate orcs and goblinkind, and at the age of 30, every dwarf capable of holding a weapon receives grueling training in the fighting techniques most useful to counter orc, half-orc, goblin, and hobgoblin standard fighting techniques.

Dwarves do not like magic. Despite rumors to the contrary, most dwarves are not superstitiously afraid of magic, nor are they envious because they cannot cast spells themselves. In fact, dwarves are usually proud of their inability to work magic because they see magic as the tool of lazy humans and frivolous elves. Why should dwarves cheat and use magic to do what they can accomplish through dwarven sweat and blood?

Many wonder what place thievery would have in the lawful world of dwarves. It turns out, the laws that protect dwarves do not apply to non-dwarves, and not necessarily even to other dwarven clans. Dwarven thieves are often called upon to spy on the tribes of racial enemies, or to sabotage a rival clan that has not shown one's own clan proper respect. Other dwarves train to become tomb robbers -- to claim their own inheritances! Deceased dwarves are often interred with their wealth in trap-laden tombs. Only a relative who is strong and resourceful is meant to inherit.


The Hegoldem-Dwur, or southern hill dwarves, are the most influential on the world scene. This is mostly due to their holding of the Principality of Ulek. Humans have long claimed that a human king bequeathed this land to the dwarves, but the dwarves claim older rights. The Principality is famous for its gemstones, but more greatly prizes its mithril mines. Along with the independent cities of the Wild Coast, the dwarves of Ulek recently drove back the orcish hordes of the Pomarj. In the Little Hills of the Yeomanry, the dwarves have a strong presence and control that kingdom's silver mines. The dwarves of the Abor-Alz are believed to control a great wealth from gold, silver, and gemstone mines, but they are the most reclusive of the southern hill dwarves and hoard much of what they have. The dwarves of the Iron League control the gem mining in the Headlands of Onwal, and the gold mining of the Hollow and Hestmark Highlands, which circle the County of Sunndi. They are hard pressed by the South Province of the Great Kingdom, but maintain good trade with Ulek and human kingdoms along the Azure Sea.

The Hegolden-Dwur tend to have dark brown skin, black or grey hair, and average a little over four feet in height.

Most other hill dwarves are called the Mentherim-Dwur, or 'Humanfriend" dwarves. These dwarves have adapted most closely to human civilization, living in or near human cities. Though proud of their dwarven culture, they are flexible enough that they can ignore dwarven customs that would prove inconvenient when trading with other races. The Mentherim-Dwur make the best dwarven PCs, as their flexibility makes them best suited for multiracial parties. The Mentherim-Dwur tend to have dirt-brown skin; brown, black, or grey hair; and average four feet in height.

The Toherntik-Dwur are the isolated mountain dwarves. These dwarves live as if under a state of siege, forgoing contact with most other races. The mountain dwarves of the Barrier Peaks truly are besieged by monsters, while the dwarves of the Glorioles have chosen to shut themselves off from the oppressive Great Kingdom rather than seek other allies as the hill dwarves in that region have done. This mentality of being "dead to the world" makes the dwarves both fatalistic and forlorn. The dwarves of the Crystalmist also consider themselves Toherntik, but they are not so cutoff from the outside world. The Crystalmist dwarves maintain good trade with Sterich. The Toherntik-Dwur tend to have deeply-tanned skin, brown or grey hair, and average four and a half feet in height.

The Turmistik-Dwur are the mountain dwarves of the northeastern ranges. They are the most militant of the dwarves. Perhaps someday they will end up like the Toherntik-Dwur, for these dwarves are equally besieged by monsterkind. However, the Turnistik-Dwur of the Rakers, the Griff, and the Corusk Mountains have never been isolated from each other, and draw on enormous strength from their numbers. They are known throughout the Flanaess as powerful fighters and dragonslayers. The Turmistik-Dwur tend to have lightly-tanned skin, brown hair, and average four and a half feet in height.

The Runes of the Dwurs at Azak-Morad (RD)

FORMAT : First date is dwur(RD), second date is Common (CY), followed by Event(s)

ca. -800 ca. -6500 Under the direction of Durin, the first dwurs appear on the surface of Oerth after a long and perilous underground journey. In the heart of the highest mountain of the Crystalmists, they found Durindan, House of Durin (hex R5-137). The One Clan is born.

-1 -5776 After an incredibly long reign, Durin dies from his wounds after a titanic battle against the Great Red Wyrm Fer'hiss, his two draconian sons and two clans of fire giants.

1 -5575 Markad, Elder of Durin's Children is given the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords symbol of power and rulership (BoA, DM1). In the deepest depth of Durindan, a gigantic pit is dug reaching the center of Oerth. This place, Azak-Morad, Heart of Moradin, is sanctified and Durin, King of Kings, is returned to the bowels of Oerth. Azak-Morad becomes afterwards the center of the dwur culture and memory.

77 -5699 The first Council of the Great Clans Chiefs is held at Azak-Morad. The Dwur Empire of Mor-Borad, Land of Moradin's Children, is officially established. Creation of the seven Farduins, each one symbol of a Great Clans. Oath of Azak Morad, the seven Children of Durin swear unity and fraternity. One after one, seven kingdoms are founded.
Markad, Son of Durin, First Overking of Mor-Borad, retains the Birthlands once governed by Durin at the junction of the Sulhauts, Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists. He named his kingdom MARKADDIN, KINGDOM OF MARKAD and Durindan becomes his capital city.
Duegan, Son of Durin, leads his people to the north in the Yatils where he founds the kingdom of DAMGARATH, THE LAND OF STONES. His capital is Gartelem (hex O5-88), the Iron City, lost in the heart of the highest mountains.
Toram, Son of Durin, and his followers go in the Southern Hellfurnaces. There he founds Trimda´r, The Emerald City (out of the Darlene map), capital of the kingdom of the same name.
Madda´n, Son of Durin, colonize the center and north of the Crystalmists beyond the Jotens. The kingdom of DUMDERIM, THE LAND OF ICES had for capital Stardelem, City of the Thousand Forges (hex V5-126).
Lordu´n, Son of Durin, and his people settle in the Hellfurnaces, just south of Markaddin. There he founds Tergorom, The Fire City (hex I5-147), and names his kingdom HOLGERETH, THE LAVA REALM.
Yamad, Son of Durin, leads his people in the Barrier Peaks and founds the city of Goran (hex R5-105), mythical for its mithril and adamantium mines, pride of the kingdom of YRDEN, THE PEAKCREST.
Hama´da, Unique Daughter of Durin, guided her followers west in the Sulhauts where she founded the kingdom of BERREN, THE PEACEFUL, whose capital city, Ginkehir, The Flowered Mountain (out of the Darlene map), became famous for her gardens and fountains.
Those seven ancient kingdoms constituted a whole, the Powerful Dwur Empire of Mor-Borad.

321 -5455 First contacts between dwurs and olves : roaming groups of drows erupt in the mines of Tergorom slaying or enslaving every dwur they can catch. The city is rescued by the rapid arrival of reinforcements from Durindan. Later that year, prospectors from Dumderim discover by chance the last city of the Grey Olves nested in the Crystalmists (hex unknown, OJ1), the dwurs prefer to keep a safe distance from those invader-like creatures. Some very cool contacts are taken, and the dwurs learn of the existence of the evil and sorcery of the suloise. Some months later, colons from the kingdom of Berren are slain without provocation by the suloise. Markad, the Overking, rules that every contact with the other races should be kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, the dwurs of Yrden are allowed to continue to trade abundantly with the friendly bakluni.

c. 2300 c. -3500 The Empire of Mor-Borad is at its peak. The dwurfolk is the uncontested master of all the western mountain ranges.

2695 -308 35th Council of the Kings. Duegan IV, King of Damgarath, underlines his worries after the recent events at his borders. For obscure reasons, Olves enter the Yatils allying with some holds. Additionally, human temples dedicated to one Tharizdun the Eternal are found (OJ1). Markad III decides that no intervention should be made. For the moment there is no offense from the Olves. Nevertheless, troops from Yrden are put in alert especially against that seemingly dark cult.

2725 -3051 Non having had success using the diplomatic way, Duegan IV of Damgarath, and crazy from his apparent lack of authority with respect to the olven-friendly holds, declares war against "The Traitors To The Way of The Dwurs". Alerted by terrifying tales from those dwurs lucky enough to escape the slaughtering folly of Duegan, the troops from Yrden decide to act in order to prevent other atrocities. Thorin Fergensen of Yrden, the commander of the detachment, and all his men are decimated in front of the closed gates of Gartelem, The Iron City. Having slumbered into evil, and despite the calls for wisdom and tolerance from Dvalin of Markkadin, the new Overking, Duegan renounces to the sacred oath of Azak Morad and destroys his fardu´n. One of the seven founding clans does not exist anymore

2727 -3049 Beginning of Dwath-Kazar, The Great Dwur War. Duegan's berserkers lay waste to entire holds and regions of Yrden and ex-Damgarath. The Olves of Highfolk assist the friendly holds resulting in bloody represal from Duegan's troops. The civil war shakes The Empire of Mor-Borad.

2798 -2978 After numerous battles and massacres, Duegan is forced to retreat to his capital city. The siege of Gartelem begins.

2803 -2973 Finally, the gates of the Iron City open. Duegan IV dies from the hands of King Dvalin. The followers of Duegan are hunted even in the darkest of their own mines. The few who have the fortune to escape the just wrath of Dvalin find shelter and protection in the hostile vastness of the Underdark. From then, they are referred as duergars, which translates loosely as Duegan's bastards or Duegan's guys. The Kingdom of Damgarath is given a new name and Gartelem is abandoned in ruins. The "Traitors" are given a new clan name, Lyrkeram (renewal), but lacking a fardu´n, this Clan would not have the political power of once Damgarath at the Great Council of Clans. Understanding this, numerous dwurs depart their homeland and head east in search of new land to found independent and free kingdoms.

2804 -2972 Lyrkerami colonists found Greysmere (hex Y3-87) in the Cairn Hills (CoG, FtA).

2865 -2911 Under the aegis of the powerful lyrkerami clan of the Hingrans, the fortress of Firgerem (hex J3-98) is built in the Headlands. The old House of Highforge founds the semi-underground and semi-terrestrial city of Mirkidan (hex E3-98).

2901 -2875 Lirkerami dwurs found the Impressive Fortress of Durkeram in the Glorioles (hex I2-87).

2963 -2813 Dwurs and noniz of Gull Cliffs sign a pact of mutual aid. This agreement had a fast and brutal effect for the humanoids of the Gull Cliffs. An army composed of dwurs and noniz undertakes to clean the hills and their undergrounds. During this short war which is remembered as Nohn Kazar, the dwurs become the absolute masters of that range undergrounds with its resources.

3185 -2591 A treaty of mutual aid between the lyrkerami of Rakers and their noniz neighbors is signed at Gyrth Orom, the Bronze City, first dwur citadel founded in the low heights of Rakers (hex R2-61).

3253 -2522 Grindar Herstnak, a dwur prospector is 'accidentally' killed by Olves of the Rieuwood after he entered their territory in the search of new resources. The Glorioles King answer fulgurating. Two olven villages are razed. The issuing war, Ol Kazar, will last for nearly 140 years and inflict heavy losses on each side. The Loremasters tell that it ceased in 3400 RD thanks to delicate negotiations led by the noniz despaired of see their allies and friends at war.

3508 -2268 The Flanae who are fleeing the Sueloise (OJ1) are helped by the dwurs of Holgereth during their perilous travel across the Hellfurnaces.

3509 -2267 The Flanae, newcomers in the area of Gull Cliffs and guided by their sorcerers covet the mines of the dwurs. The war which burst is very short thanks to the expert assistance of the noniz illusionists who lead the Flanae on false tracks on more than one occasion.

3515 -2261 Mirkidan, capital of the Highforge House, becomes progressively also a human (flanae) city.

3519 -2257 The Flanae arrive in the area of Sunndi where settle They are accepted by Olves which may explain why the dwurs greet them with low enthusiasm. Once again, the noniz step in to prevent war. King Ferug Greshterk of the Glorioles agrees to trade with the 'civilized humanoids'. He does not regret it. Quickly, these exchanges are advantageous for both sides.

3624 -2152 The Lyrkerami of the lower northern Yatils see the arrival of a human people until there unknown, the Flanae. They have rather violent tendencies but they excel in the arts of agriculture and masonry. This largely impresses the dwurs a friendship begins gently between the two peoples (OJ5).

3794 -1982 The lyrkerami of Rakers discover the Olven Kingdom Elf of Aliador (OJ1). The gray elves refuse any contact with them. However an agreement of non-aggression (tranlate mutual ignorance) is signed a little later (3803 RD; -1973 CY) at Erieadan, capital of Olves (hex unknown).

4105 -1671 Vecna attacks the Capital of Olves (OJ1). Many lyrkerami holds chiefs decide to help their neighbors. However this operation is stopped clear because the duergars of the Rakers/Griffs/Corusks, directed by Frightening Iirdelk the One-eyed, launch a great offensive against the clans of these mounts. The war that followed, Duerg Kazar, the War of the Duergars, lasted nearly 550 years and undoubtedly IS the bloodiest one ever battled by the dwurs.

4210 -1566 The friendship of the dwurs of Abbor Alz for the Flanae is completely destroyed when Vecna the Infamous calls an extremely burning force which creates the Bright Desert (OJ1), destroying some dwurs. Warlike worships become even more popular among the dwurs of this area, just as their aversion against all the magi in general.

4639 -1137 The Duergar City of Oomferesh under the Griffs is destroyed (Underdark, hex S2-42). End of Duerg Kazar. The Olven Kingdom of Aliador is not any more.

5352 -424 The Invoked Devastation strikes the bakluni then extends to the mountains where the Great Dwur Clans are. Little time later, the Rain of Colorless Fire comes to complete the destroying work of this first (WoG, FtA). The majority of the splendid cities of the kingdom of BERREN are in crumbs and the fardu´n of the Clan is lost. The same for TRIMDA¤R and HOLGERETH. With shame in their heart, the dwurs of these clans from now on without name leave in mass towards more lenient places. Those of BERREN leave towards the remote West, those of TRIMDA¤R towards the South, and those of HOLGERETH towards the East where they settle with the feet of Lortmils (current Principality of Ulek) (OJ2). The kingdom of YRDEN is swept and only two or three fortresses still count some survivors after The Twin Cataclysms. Goran does not exist anymore, Gringan of Yrden and its fardu´n are untraceable. The clans of Yatils are almost untouched. The dwurs of DUMDERIM hide under ground beseeching the protection of Dumatho´n. Numbers their fortresses are destroyed however but essence, the lives of a number of women and children are preserved. To escape the carnage, most of the dwurs from Durindan find refuge in the Sacred Enclosure of Azak Morad. Dvalin V, Great Dwur King of Mor Borad, disappears during the attack of Durindan as well as the Axe of the Lords (WoG, DM1). Its destiny remains still dubious but it is certainly terrible because only his fardu´n immaculate of blood was found. In a matter of days, Mor-Borad is not any more. Led by one Pellipardus, sueloise settle in the current area of Ratik (OJ1). They are courteous and ensure the Dwurs that they want peace.

5357 -419 Advance of the Three Houses of Pursuit (OJ1). Conflicts with the dwurs occur with the first contacts.

5365 -411 First contact of the oeridians with the dwurs of the Gull Cliffs. They speak about peace and an alliance is established between the two sides.

5378 -398 Oeridians and dwurs fight together to defend the Gull Cliffs against flan plunderers.

5389 -387 A coalition of the dwur clans of the Corusks inflicts one of the more terrible defeats of their history to the Sueloise. Since then, the sueloise hold the 'Shinuis' (short ones), their valiancy and their bravery in high esteem.

5390 -386 70th and ultimate Council of the Great Clans Chiefs, only two Chiefs of Great Clans are present (other Clans having sent only representatives), Tremek of Markkadin with the fardu´n of his clan but without the Axe of the Dwur Lords and Gurden of Dumderim also with its fardu´n. After long prayers and endless consulting, the dissolution of the Empire is decided. It will not be to reconstitute as long as the Axe will not be found and the fardu´ns gathered again. The memory of Durin becomes increasingly sharp and dear in the heart of the dwurs. The Legend spreads that only him will be able one day to again join together the Axe and the fardu´ns, thus reinstalling the Empire such as it should never have ceased being (MBD). It is the beginning of the Age of the Humans.

5398 -378 A particularly warlike oeridian tribe, the Greftamals, attacks Mirkidan for its ores. The resistance of the dwurs is so savage that the attackers are destroyed until the last one. Following this memorable battle, Mirkidan is renamed Irongate.

5417 -359 Tremek of Markkadin, Gurden of Dumderim and Fringer II of Yrden make the wise decision to give their freedom and their autonomy to all their son-clans provided that those confirm their allegiance towards Azak-Morad, Tomb of Durin. Paradoxically, this decision creates an incredible nationalist dash in the dwur community.

5474 -302 The dwurs of the West create the Independent League of the Dwur Merchants, a coalition of the various clans which authorizes tax-free trade without them (MBD). The creation of the League is of importance because it had two major effects: first of all for humans of the mountain holds. Additionally, it made it clear for human and other curious that the dwurs do not see with a good eye that one cares of their business.

5565 -211 Dwur refugees from Holgereth found Balnorhak (hex M4-107) in the lowest parts of Lortmils, north of the current Principality of Ulek (OJ2).

5575 -201 Another clan from Holgereth founds the large fortress of Gilmorack (hex Y4-101), in the northern Lortmils (OJ2).

5709 -67 The foundation of Yeomanry (WoG, FtA). A very strong friendship grows quickly between the humans of the plains and the dwurs of Markkadin. This friendship explains partly why the Yeomanry is so well defended.

5769 -7 Discovery of the Bloody Obelisk of the Aerdy under the Gull Cliffs (FtA). Fanatics of Hextor gather armies "to return this unholy relic to its right admirers and to prevent laymen to soil it ".

5776 1 The First Emperor of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy is crowned (WoG, FtA). The Powerful King Hilmar Derender of the Glorioles attends the ceremony and ensures him of his friendship. It will be sincere during many years. On the other hand, no chief of the Gull Cliffs is present. They put themselves out of the human laws and will suffer of this status until the quasi-total destruction of all their clans.

5878 102 Drows try to unite all the humanoids against the dwurs but they do not succeed. Each tribe of Crystalmists attacks a random clan without any commom strategy. It is a terrible failure for the drows and human, olves and dwurs decimate them at the battle of Jarlsberg (SR).

5895 119 A very aggressive race of dwarves is discovered in undergrounds of Markaddin, the derros. The dwur loremasters of Azak Morad still wonder about the origin of these hateful creatures. However, they exclude any dwur lineage because of the evident ability of those with magic. "Better say we're the brothers of the 'mindless' (translate elves)!" is their saying.

6124-6171 351-404 Conflicts become more intense when in the clans of northern edge of Geoff, is started Jeblan Kazar, the Jebline War (adaptation of SR). During that period, the dwurs of Geoff try to purge the mountains from the jeblis, with the appreciated help of humans and elves. It does not succeed, the jebli tribes retreat to the Underdark.

6129 356 Secession of Nyrond (WoG, FtA). The imperial politic changes and become even more tyrannical. 6209 437 Turmoil between Crowns (WoG, FtA). The House of Naelax ascends on the Malachite Throne. Following this change of power, the Count of Sunndi applies the new imperial policy and orders repression after repression in the villages and clans where the reverence of the new official state religion, Hextor, is not popular or payments of ruinous taxes to finance the Emperor's war effort against Nyrond. When Olves withdraw in their wood, the dwurs and the noniz take arms defend their heights without quarters, accommodating all those wanting to release itself from the yoke of the Aerdy (FtA).

6213 439 The lyrkerami of Rakers enter war against the troops of Ivid I to the side of their noniz and olven friends. This war never ceased since.

6222 446 After abuses in all kind from the imperial troops of Aerdy, the Iron League is founded (WoG, FtA). All the lyrkerami clans of the south adhere to this idea. Nevertheless Irongate does not joint the League. Though continuing to affirm its fidelity to the Malachite Throne, Irongate takes slowly its distances and become increasingly independent under the pressure of the clans of the Headlands and Ironhills. Thanks to the military and diplomatic assistance of Queen Astaranthe of Celene, the dwurs controlling the south of the Lortmils are recognized the right to manage these grounds by Keoland. The Principality of Ulek is born (SW).

6231 455 The people of Sunndi raises and joins the Iron League (WoG, FtA). It is the time of the reconciliation for Dwurs and Olves.

6244 468 The Witch Queen Iggwilv conquers Perrenland and destroys some lyrkerami clans of the southern Yatils (OJ5). The dwurs close the gates of their holds during ten years until the overthrow of Iggwilv in which they have an active role.

6272-6284 496-508 Hateful Wars (WoG, FtA). Despite unquestionable efforts to hold their grounds, the two modest clans installed in the hills of the Drackensgrab (Nimberin and Gratemfern) are constrained to move when the routed Lortmils humanoid armies take over the region. The survivors find refuge, in Dyvers then in the kingdom of Ferrond (future Furyondy) (SQ).

6286 510 Fleeing the Hateful Wars, some humanoid tribes settle in the hills of the northern Peaks Barrier. The jebli troops of Urgush are decimated by the Geysers of Csipros Erd (GA).

6295 519 Following the calculations of the sage Jemrek Longsight, House of Highforge of Irongate comes out victorious from the race to comet and founds Azak-Zil (Pure Heart) (hex O3-91) in the southern Abbor-Alz. The port of Zarak (hex Q3-100) is built (GA).

6300 524 Zarak is deserted (GA).

6326 550 Foundation of the Valley of the Mage (WoG). At first, the dwurs regard this nation as 'to be avoided' then noting that noniz live there without complaining, they begin to trade.

6338 562 The humanoids of the Rakers unit and attack the dwur clans of the Lowlands. Despite the assistance of their noniz allies, the clans of Blemu Hills are destroyed and the Bone March is founded (WoG, FtA).

6342 566 Under the control of House Eilserv, the drows assume control the giants of Crystalmists. The few following years are marked by a succession of skirmishes during which the giants in their turn take control of the humanoid tribes of that range (JK).

6345 569 Battle of Emridy Meadows. Dwur contingents from the Lortmils are present (WoG).

6347 571 After other years of abuse from the Herzog of the Province of the South, Irongate finally joins with the Iron League. The imperial force sent in reprisals is defeated with the assistance of the dwurs of Iron Hills (WoG).

6353 577 Ratik and the noniz of its southern hills are attacked by the Bone March humanoids. Ratik asks for the help from the dwurs cannot give because they are blocked in their besieged mountain holds. The noniz hold their ground (DR52). Herzog Chelor takes the field. Idee is called upon to ready itself for full-scale warfare. Veterans are recalled to bring the standing army up to full strength, and the militia is also called up mostly to man and repair border posts. When the Provincials begin to advance southward, it is the Dwurking Holgi Hirsute who takes to the field with his troops, for Fedorik was able to send only 6,000 men against the invaders. King Holgi chased the Provincials back, but a rift developed between the Count and the Dwarfking since Fedorik refuses to retract his statement that "the Dwarfking's long beard caused the dwarven contingent to move so slowly against Herzog Chelor, for the Count's own troops were mauled when the dwarves were late in arriving during the pursuit of the retreating Provincials" (DR52).

6356 580 The forces of Prince Olinstaad Corond of Ulek plunder Strandkeep Castle in Drachensgrab (unknown hex) discovering in place of legions of jebli and euroz, human mages, ogres and trolls. An advanced outstation of the Scarlet Brotherhood has been discovered (AoE). In Crystalmists, first raids from giants on isolated clans. During the Wars, these raids will become a full-scale invasion (FtA).

6359-6361 583-585 Greyhawk Wars (WAR, FtA). Onnwal and Idee fall to the hands of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Irongate avoids this fate thanks to the vigilance of Cobb Darg. Consequently, the Iron League dwurs enter war against these slavers and the signature of peace in 585 CY does not change anything for them (FtA). Sunndi is conquered by the Glorioles Army of the Great Kingdom then freed by Commander Osson of Almor. In 584 CY, many refugees flee Dullstrand for fear it will be the next target of the Scarlet Ones. They migrate in the Hestmark Highlands. These newcomers are not like much by the noniz and even less by the dwurs. Nevertheless, they are allowed to stay and to found small communities. The dwurs begin to teach them the ways of fighting so that they can return home rapidly (RM).
Turrosh Mak raises the humanoid legions of the Pomarj in 6360 RD (584 CY) and attacks the Principality of Ulek then march towards the Lortmils. Battle of Celene Pass (23-27 Flocktime 584 CY) (WAR).
Giants Troubles (6360 RD; 584 CY). A large number of the Crystalmists, Sterich and Geoff holds are destroyed or evacuated (FtA). Many survivors flee east and settle in the Good Hills. However, the war still continues in the Crystalmists and from now on it becomes part of the everyday life. The dwur refugees in Keoland know it well. This is why, they found in 585 CY, together with those of Good Hills, Little Hills and Stark Mounds, the Imperial Dwur League whose only goal is to provide whatever help their heroic mountain brothers would need. This organization helped by the Independent League of Dwur Merchants finance raids against the humanoids of the West. No quarter is expected from its mercenaries. (MBD).

1RD = -259 SD = -1312 OC = -3115 BH = -3624 FT = -5775 CY

Hex refers to the hex position on the Darlene Map. Propositions for the "unknown hex" location are welcome.


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