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-217 CY Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy.

-113 CY "The Great Disembarkment"; the Aqua-Oeridians sail eastward.

-110 CY Battle of a Fortnight's length.

1 CY Crowning Nasron, of the House of Cramden, as the Overking of Aerdy.

75 CY Tenmeris and his Queen, Yalranda rule Aerdy.

100 CY Foundation of Viceroyalty of Furyondy.

107 CY The Overking of Aerdy constructs Castle Millennium at Seawolf Point.

113 CY Alisedran's report of The Hanging Glacier.

155 CY Attir Aedorich's discovery of the Sinking Isle.

198 CY The appearance of the Ball of Fire over the South of the Great Kingdom.

200 CY City of Leukish began as a trading post.

213 CY Age of Great Sorrow.

254 CY Kingdom of Furyondy declared with crowning of Thrommel I. Veluna and Tenh follow in declaring independence.

272 CY Padin the Vain uses the Hand of Vecna to start the Insurrection of the Yaheetes, a Flanae enclave in the North Province. The Malachite Throne destroys them to a person.

283 CY Thrommel III begins construction of Chendl.

290 CY "Vecna II" builds rises in the Bone March Area and builds Tyrus. He rules for 100 years with the aid of the Eye of Vecna.

310 CY Beginning of the Formation of the Shield Lands.

320 CY Nomads Appear in the North, outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty.

350 CY The formation of the Bandit Kingdoms complete.

356 CY Kingdom of Nyrond established, Kingdom of Keoland reaches peak; Keoland's "Small War" with Furyondy. Urnst become independent. Theocracy of the Pale founded by religious refugees of Pholtus from the Great Kingdom.

360 CY Battle of Molvar and Battle of Lopolla end Keolandish expansion to the North.

371 CY Founder of Bandit Kingdom City of Rookroost assassinated. Starts precedent for ascension to leadership of that enclave.

375 CY Zagig Yragerne begins construction of Greyhawk Castle.

390 CY The Malachite Throne overthrows Vecna II.

393 CY Zagig Yragerne founds the Guild of Wizardry in Greyhawk.

394 CY The publishing of Pontus Hardiggin's, halfling traveler extraordinaire, journals and his description of Esmerin, "the land of giants and halflings in the Lortmils."

400 CY Voorman Perren unites cantons of Perrenland.

416 CY The paladin, Myro, conquers one of the bandit kingdoms and declares himself "king."

430 CY Vlek Col Vlekzed establishes the Hold of Stonefist.

435 CY An unnamed agent of an evil deity bestows the Hand of Vecna, on Myro. He is corrupted by it.

437 CY Turmoil Between the Crowns. House Naelax replaces House Rax on Malachite Throne.

440 CY Warrior-Priests of Wintershiven found the Church Militant (of Pholtus).

446 CY Founding of Iron League; Bandit Kings sack Trigol; Assassination of the entire house of Rax in the Great Kingdom.

449 CY Second Civil War in Rauxes. University of Rauxes sacked.

450 CY Myro is destroyed by a joint force from Nyrond, Furyondy and the Shield Lands.

Birth of the elven assasin, Keebler Biskitz, in the Shield Lands.

453 CY King Tavish III of Keoland dies, Tavish IV ascends to throne; end of Keoish Emperialism. The ill-fated expedition of Sormod of Perrenland to find Eru-Tovar, north of Blackmoor.

455 CY Sunndi rebels against the Great Kingdom, joins the Iron League.

461 CY Demi-human realm of Ulek affected, demi-human realm of Celene revealed (although it is also "affected" in the eyes of the Great Kingdom, this hidden Elven realm actually just decides to open communications with the human kingdoms at this time).

462 CY Birth of Breorn Grafalk in Celene.

465 CY Volte, a blue dragon terrorizing Geoff and Sterich, is defeated by a group of adventurers aided by Schemley, a Greyhawk dragon.

468 CY The Witch-Queen Iggwilv's power grows in the Yatils. She conquers Perrenland.

478 CY Iggwilv is overthrown and imprisoned. Perrenland is liberated.

479 CY Might of Iuz grows, humanoid invasions become common.

480 CY City of Elredd founded by a Wolf Nomad warrior on the site of earlier camp settlements.

494 CY Ivid I dies, Ivid II ascends the Malachite Throne.

497 CY Ivid II is assassinated and replaced by his son, Ivid III.

498 CY County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under Duchy of Urnst; Greyhawk becomes free city.

505 CY Imprisonment of Iuz in beneath the Castle Greyhawk.

506 CY Jurnre falls at the height of The Hateful Wars.

510 CY Last of the Euroz and Jebli driven from the Lortmil Mountains. Lord Sandor the Headstrong of Polvar (in Ket) pursues the goblin horde of Urgush. Both forces are lost to the poisons of Csipros Erd, the Geysers of Death located somewhere in the maze of valleys and hills north of the Barriear Peak region. This ended the Hateful Wars.

511 CY The Battle of Dour Pentress.

513 CY Rise of Horned Society; humanoids take Pomarj.

Birth of Tyson the dwarf in the duchy of Tenh.

516 CY First Sighting of the Velunese Lights.

519 CY Founding of Azak-Zil ("Pureheart") by the dwarven clan Highgate.

520 CY Hradji Beartooth's discovery of Skrellingshald.

Birth of Boldar Fireforge in Onnwal.

522 CY King Belvor II is crowned in Furyondy.

523 CY Storrich of the Hold of Stonefist supposedly enter the Burning Cliffs region.

Birth of Fooze Stoutfoot in Perrenland.

524 CY Loss of Azak-Zil.

526 CY Dyvers becomes a Free City.

Birth of Calvin Thunderheart the cleric, in Veluna city.

535 CY Birth of Dragor Jadewing in Solamnia, Krynn.

Birth of the half elven bard,Zhamfir of Dreadwood, in Furyondy.

537 CY King Belvor III of Furyondy dies in his sleep.

546 CY Birth of Oz the mage in the town of Solace on the world of Krynn.

Birth of the cleric, Syrup Hudson, in the county of Ulek.

548 CY Birth of Samuel Kong in the city of Eru Tovar, the capitol of the wolf nomad realm.

Birth of Maxwell Silver in Veluna.

549 CY Birth of Reekie Ruin in Veluna.

550 CY The Valley of the Mage is established.

Birth of Odin the mage in the Duchy of Urnst.

555 CY The Frutzii are conquered by the Schnai.

556 CY The discovery the unusual halfling casket in the River near Courwood. Ivid IV is assassinated by his son, Ivid V.

(The following years from 557-583 CY are called "The Times of Struggle" by historians.)

557 CY Rise of the Slaver Lords in Drachensgrabs.

Birth of Annhilus, the minotaur paladin, on the island of Taladas in Krynn.

560 CY Formation of the Circle of Eight.

561 CY The Wizard Murq captures and kills many of the children of the nobility of Greyhawk.

563 CY Bone March taken by humanoids.

565 CY Defeat of the Slave Lords.

566 CY Alliance of Drow with Giants in the West of the Flanaess.

567 CY The "Beggar's War" in Greyhawk Beggar's Union defeated by Thieves' Guild.

Readying 1

The first time members of "The Six" meet including: Fooze Stoutfoot, Tyson the dwarf, Reekie Ruin, the assassin Keebler Biscitz, the brothers Garth & Syrup Hudson the cleric, Elesser of Sundhi, & the ranger Lemmy Dudley. They are hired to clear "Castle Caldwell" of its monsterous inhabitants.

Garth Hudson is slain in battle.

Readying 7

After resting in town, the heroes return to Castle Caldwell with a new companion, the human warrior Maxwell Silver. After many battles with evil humanoids, the heroes return to town victorious.

Keebler Biscitz & Syrup Hudson are slain and lost. Fooze Stoutfoot is slain but ressurected in town.

Readying 10

The heroes are hired to rescue Princess Sylvia. The barbarian priest Samuel Kong and Zhamfir of Dreadwood, the bard join the group. They defeat Oliver of Hom and rescue Princess Sylvia.

Readying 13

While relaxing at the Shady Dragon Inn, the heroes are approached by Barnibus Tuck, a local friar. They are asked to bring a criminal named "Elwyn the ardent" to justice. The heroes agree and set out through the Gnarley Forest.

Readying 18

The heroes return to town victorious.

Maxwell Silver is slain and lost. Lemmy & Ellesser are also killed, but ressurected by Barnibus Tuck.

Readying 19

The heroes visit the city of Greyhawk for the first time & explore the Greyhawk ruins.

Coldeven 5

The heroes arrive at the village of Hommlett. Samuel Kong, killed during the journey, is ressurected by the village cleric. Rufus the fighter & Burne the mage befriend the heroes and accompany them to the moathouse ruins leading to the temple of elemental evil. They slay the evil mage Lareth.

Ellesser & Tyson are slain and ressurected in Hommlett.

Coldeven 13

The group enters the temple of elemental evil. While inside they are mysteriously teleported to another dimension known as "Dungeonland". They manage to make their way back to the temple and after days of furious fighting with its inhabitants are driven out. They return to the village of Hommlett to heal their wounds.

569 CY Battle of Emridy Meadows --Horde of Elemental Evil Scattered. Herzog of the South Province leads forces to a minor victory over the Golden League (Nyrond, Almor and the Iron League).

Wealsun 3

The group is back in the city of Greyhawk. Otto the mage is befriended. Otto sends the group to the world of Krynn to help in the Dragonlance wars.

Calvin Thunderheart, the cleric joins the party. Reekie Ruin, Lemmy Dudley, Maxwell Silver, & Zhamfir retire from adventuring and settle in Greyhawk city.

Planting 12

The heroes return from Krynn with new companions Dragor Jadewing & Breorn Grafalk. While in Krynn they defeat Khisanth the black dragon & the dragon highlord Verminaard.

570 CY Iuz freed from captivity and returns north.

Flocktime 17

Bremberthwaite Manor, an abandoned keep deep in the Gnarley forest is stumbled upon. The heroes enter and spend days fighting off hoards of undead including the previous owners who were transformed into a lich and a deathknight. The heroes take the manor for themselves and rename it "Blackwoods Manor".

Fooze Stoutfoot & Ellesser remain at the manor.

571 CY Irongate joins the Golden League and drives Ivid's forces under the Herzog back to the South Province.

Readying 8

The heroes travel north to the Fanyr way station. They have a meeting with the giant eagles of the area.

On the way to the town of Edermoor, Oz the mage & Annhilus the minotaur paladin join the party.

Readying 16

The group heads out to the citadel, defeating winter wolves, yeti, and frost giants along the way. They have a meeting with the mountain dwarves of the area. The eagles escort them to the last refuge, "Tchitchi-kwaaka" home of the Aarokra bird-men.

Readying 18

Joining the aarokra strike force, the heroes participate in storming the baatun cloud castle. The battle is long and hoards of baatun are defeated, along with Verbeeg, hobgoblins, & ogres. Victory is achieved after the heroes slay "Flavius" the white dragon. They celebrate with the storm giant clan.

Goodmonth 1

Returning to the city of Greyhawk, the heroes spend many months with the circle of eight. Each of them become confidants of individual circle members.

572 CY The Dawnbreaker Clan of Rauxes fails to overthrow Ivid. Sea Barons defeat Duxchaners in The Battle of Medegia.

573 CY Scarlet Brotherhood first reported; Prince of Furyondy and Provost of Veluna kidnapped; The Cult of the Reptile God Rises in Orlane.

575 CY Appointment of the People's Constables in Greyhawk City. Duke Eyeh II of Tenh begins an aggressive campaign to clear the Troll Fens.

576 CY "Guide to the World of Greyhawk" completed by Pluffet Smedger the Elder.

577 CY The expedition of Archmage Marinian of Willip is lost searching for "The City of the Gods" north of Blackmoor. The Royal Minting House of Nyrond moves from Rel Mord to Womtham.

579 CY Reformation of Coinage in Greyhawk City; beginning of infiltration of Horned Society into Bandit Kingdoms; The Outbreak of the Red Death, and the Change of Istus.

580 CY Magnificent Talking Goat Party formed in Greyhawk; The Declaimers of Stroun predict the downfall of Tenh.

Harvester 20

Calvin Thunderheart, the priest, leaves the party as the dwarf, Boldar Fireforge, and Odin the mage, agree to join them. The circle of eight appears to be killed by the returned demi-mage, Vecna.

The group meets the wizard guildmaster, Kieren Jalucian, in an attempt to find out what happened. They are ambushed by the cult of vecna at the meeting. As the group travels through Greyhawk city gathering information, they are attacked by the polymorph squad, a group of evil beings who polymorph their victims into different monsters and sell parts of them for spell components and such. One of their members, Imogen, is slain but the rest of the squad escape.

Harvester 25

The heroes arrive in the city of Verbobonc after traveling on the barge called the weeping maiden, captained by Yagos one of the Rhenee people. Investigating a quarry, they are again attacked by the cult of vecna. Taking the charmed "blood of vecna" hostage, the heroes go to the Sythe & Sheaf tavern where Vecna himself appears.

Patchwall 22

The companions head towards the gnome city of Osnabrolt to retrieve the "sword of Kas". They run into the shadow dragon "Ebony" on the way. Annhilus challenges the dragon to a duel in two months time and it lets them pass. The charmed "blood of vecna" is left as a hostage.

Patchwall 25

Meet Boris the gnome and Company, who agree to meet the heroes back at Blackwoods manor. The sword of Kas is retrieved and carried by Annhilus. A meeting with the cult of Iuz, and it’s leader Beryn Talkin results in an uneasy truce. The group heads to the mystical Tovag Bagaru in hopes of getting more information. The sword of Kas takes control of Annhilus.

Readyreat 5

The heroes are attacked by the blue dragon known as "Sparkfire" and it’s mate, "Fury". A massive battle ensues and both dragons are slain. Upon arriving at Tovag Bagru, Vecna confronts the group and banishes them to the citadel prison. There they meet Kas, return his sword and are helped back to Tovag Bagru. A furious battle erupts and the heroes call upon the demigod Iuz for aid. As Iuz and Vecna grapple, the heroes manage to push them through a dimensional portal and both disappear. If the 2 demi gods ever return, they will surely hunt the group down in one way or another.

581 CY Vecna (after apparently destroying of the Circle of Eight) is himself thrown into out of the Prime Material planes at Tovag Baragu. Cuthbert expends huge amounts of energy to simulate the death of the Circle, and after contributing immense aid to a party in overthrowing Vecna, is himself greatly weakened.

Readyreat 17

Oz, Odin, Annhilus, & Turik leave the group. The rest go back to Blackwoods manor and Ellesser rejoins them. They are now officially "The Six". The trapdoor in the manor is opened and the passage is found to lead into the underdark. The heroes follow the passage down, but are quickly repelled by rust monsters and drow. Many of the parties magic weapons and armor are ruined.


584 CY Rise of Vatun (Iuz) in the North; Fall of Tenh; Beginning of the Greyhawk Wars. Great day of Signing; Treachery of Rary; Breaking of the Circle of Eight; The Great Burn in Greyhawk; Formation of the Kingdom of the Bright Lands.

Readying 1

After meeting with Mordenkainen at the deceased Tenser’s castle, the group heads toward Inverness castle. A few followers accompany them including; Loric, Storm, Zacariah Blackburn & Randolf the paladin. Along the way a group of berserkers are encountered. Ellesser charms the leader and convinces the group to meet them back at the stronghold as part of the stronghold’s army.

Readying 3

Battle with a clan of stone giants before entering the castle. Once inside, the six battle hoards of monsters. Breorn is slain. The stone giants are waiting when the party exits the castle. After a tense standoff, Samuel Kong & the giant shaman ressurect the giant that was slain earlier.

Readying 10

The six stumble upon the dancing hut of baba yaga & enter the cursed place. Many hours later, the party battles three clay golems. Tyson is slain. Kong has the reincarnation spell as his only option and Tyson the dwarf comes back as Tyson the gnoll.

Randolf the paladin is utterly destroyed by a minor death. Questrix the gnome illusionist, Lyric Windsong the elven bard, & Moran the druid are rescued and join the party.

Readying 13

Flavius the dragon intercepts the group bearing a note from Otto the mage. It is now known that Rary the traitor is somewhere in the bright desert. The heroes begin the journey to take the evil mage down if possible. Seven ogres are encountered and slain and their prisoner, Alen of Sumerton, is freed. They accompany him back to his home amd the thankful Alen gives the heroes horses for their journey.

Readying 21

The group travels through the Abhor Alz via Knife’s edge pass. A group of Eagle tribe barbarians are encountered. The heroes agree to retrieve the tribes totem from the notorious bandit, "Hugo the axe" at his fortress at Griffon’s nest.

Readying 25

Griffon’s Nest is assaulted. Hugo, Chrystine the mage, Joran the fighter, & Ralpheo the thief are defeated.

Questrix is slain & ressurected.

The totem is recovered. Breorn discovers his old foe Merig, is in Veluna city. The mage Cudis is left alive, but bound and gagged. Questrix is ressurected and uses a wish to restore Tyson back to his dwarven form. Korash the Efreet is defeated.

Coldeven 1

Approaching Dagger Rock in the bright desert. The heroes are attacked by ogre mages, bugbears, and wraiths. Inside dagger rock, the group discover it’s the lair of Volte the blue dragon. The six are hopelessly outmatched until Tyson beheads the dragon with razor the vorpal sword.

A meeting with the Starfire desert centaur clan. There leader, Greyspear, agree’s to send his son, Silverhoof, with the group in an attempt to unite the centaur tribes.

A meeting with the De-nar dervish nomads, Aquila & Kor the adventurous. They agree to help against Rary’s forces.

A patrol of Rary’s is encountered and convince the hero’s that they are simple mercenaries. The ranger, Kendyra of the north, arrives and slays the lying patrol. She reveals her identity as an agent of Moredenkainen.

In a large battle with a tribe of manscorpions, Silerhoof is slain. Kong ressurects him.

After again meeting with Aquilla & Kor, the heroes accompany the two dervishes to the Tulwar Oasis, where a force of Rary’s troops are garrisoned. The troops are defeated but one leader gets away.

Arrive at the barbarian village of Ul-Bakak. The group presents the totem to chief Kumheik and a large celebration begins. The chief agrees to help against Rary and will send his son with them to convince the other barbarian tribes.

While at the inn, the six are attacked by a mysterious assassin. They give chase and wind up in a hidden cavern deep beneath the mountains.

The heroes follow the assasin into a large spire. A creature called a mooncalf attacks them and Dragor is slain. Dragor is ressurected by Kong.

Coldeven 10

Many undead are encountered and defeated in the spire. The hero’s rescue Yesha Faulkin who is the chief of the Senoi nomads. She pledges her tribes support and will meet them back at Ul-Bakak. While fighting a gibbering mouther vampire, Questrix is dominated.