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Coldeven 8, CY584

The Tulwar Oasis

Captain Daley rode his warhorse across the sand, barking orders as he went.  In his wake men readied weapons, saddled horses, and strung bows.  He was not a man to be trifled with, and when he spoke his troop acted quickly.

It was blind luck that he was aware of the assault that was coming.  Well.. a bit of luck and the knowledge to figure out what that piece of information told him.  A horse's body language, a gust of wind, and the Captain knew.  He knew they were being observed by some unseen presence...and he knew to prepare.

He had secured this lush oasis some weeks ago, rousting the nomads that had previously inhabited it.  Now he and his men used it as a garrison.  His liege Rary commanded it, and he obeyed without question.  From atop his warhorse, Captain Daley looked over his troops.

Two score light horsemen had readied their mounts and taken to the tree's, lances at the ready.  Any foes on foot would feel their charge.  A dozen troglodytes, the strange lizard folk that his liege had saddled him with, readied javelins for a ranged attack.  Anyone who closed to battle them would be in for a surprise.  Captain Daley knew first hand that the creatures secreted a pungent odor when excited.  An odor that would make eyes tear and stomachs churn.  His officers, Fiosi and Askold shouted out orders, moving men here and there, and setting up the troglodytes.  They were ready, Daley thought, only a small army had any chance of defeating him.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud explosion near the tree's followed by screams.  Fire erupted and burned a swath some twenty feet around.  Before he had a chance to react another fire burst to the east...more screams and the following chaos.

He raced towards the tree's scanning the air as he rode.  His prying eye's saw nothing.  "Mages!, he thought, "at least one...maybe more.  But where are they?"  " Ready bows!, he yelled as he approached the cover of the trees.  The attack comes from above!"

Two more fireballs and half his force was obliterated.  "Damn those spellcasters!" he thought both admiring and hating their power at the same time.  How was he supposed to fight against them?

Again his thoughts were interrupted.  Two of the cursed nomads had burst into the trees followed by a barbaric looking human.  Some of his men charged them with lances, and were quickly cut down.  An elf and a heavily armored human charged from the other side.  They were met with resistance, and with bow and sword they also slaughtered men and troglodyte alike.  More fireballs, and in horror he watched his trusted second-in -command Askold, burst into flames.

And just like that it was over. Four of his men came out of the trees with hands raised in the air followed by one snarling troglodyte.  They were all that remained of his garrison.  The armor clad warrior was approaching them, the elf bowmen alongside.  Captain Daley sighed and sheathed his unused weapon.  As he prepared to surrender one thought set his mind at ease.  They had planned for a defeat such as this.  If they were ever overwhelmed, Rary the mage was to be notified at once.......And Fiosi was gone.