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Little is known about this hardened ranger maiden.  She is a tall slender woman with dark eyes & skin weathered by her days in the deep desert.  She has pale blue eyes & usually dresses in buckskin and other attire appropriate to the desert.  She always travels with a wolf she calls "Rain", and rides a grey light horse that she affectionately calls "Tinhead".

Since meeting with "The Six", more has been learned about Kendyra.  She is secretly working for Mordenkainen acting as his eyes and ears in the Bright Desert.  Her mission is to keep track of Rary's presence in the area, and report any major events to Mordenkainen.  So far she has won the friendship of a tribe of desert centaurs as well as a group of fanatical dervishes that are opposed to Rary.  When they parted last, Kendyra promised to meet the six in the barbarian village of Ul-Bakak.


Greyspear is the chief of the Starfire Desert centaurs, and also a ranger of unsurpassed skill.  He is starting to show signs of age, his flanks riddled with scars from battles to numerous to count.  His hair has always been gray (this is how he got his name), so he has always appeared older when first seen by an outsider.

The six have had a meeting with the centaur chief and have found they both share a common goal...the defeat of the mage Rary.  They have held council together and have formed such a trusted bond that The Six have all been granted honorary centaur names.  Greyspear's son, Silverhoof, has joined The Six at his father's request on their travels to unite the centaur tribes against Rary.


Silverhoof is the son of Greyspear, the chief of the Starfire desert centaur clan.  He is a desert ranger as his father, and as such is an excellent guide in the wasteland of the Bright Desert.  He is dark skinned as most desert centaurs, with blonde hair and flank and pale blue eyes.  He seldom speaks, but when he does it is usually something noteworthy.  He usually lets his bow or sword do the talking for him, as he is deadly accurate with both.

He now travels with The Six at his fathers behalf in an effort to unite the desert centaur tribes against the traitorous arch mage, Rary.


Aquilla is the leader of a small group of fanatical dervishes called the De-Nad Nomads.  They are also fiercely opposed to Rary's presence in the Bright Desert.  Aquilla typically wears black robes and the standard turban over his short black hair.  He wields both scimitar & cutlass, typical of the nomad culture.

The De-Nad leader has a habit of twirling a coin between his fingers as he speaks and for some reason often glances over his shoulder.  The other members of his tribe are fanatically loyal to their leader and have taken to shouting "De-Nad!!" to emphasize there leaders every word to almost comical effect.


Often ending his sentences with, "For I am Kor the adventurous!" has made people think that Kor might be a little soft in the brain.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  He is very quick witted and simply enjoys the smiles that his brash attitude brings to others.  As Aquilla's second in command he is relied upon for his mind as well as his large size.

Kor is extremely tall for one of his race and also appears to be very thin.  Appearances can be deceiving as he is one hundred percent pure muscle.  He is a master on horseback, usually wielding a medium lance and carries a bastard sword strapped to his back.  He also talks very fast and has an extreme hatred for most governments.

Along with Aquilla, Kor persuaded The Six to attack the Tulwar Oasis which was occupied by Rary's troops which ended quite successfully since the group was heavily outnumbered.  He seems to have a strong admiration for the priest Samuel Kong, and has agreed to meet the six at Ul-Bakak with the rest of the De-Nad nomads.


This dominating barbarian is the chief of the eagle tribe.  He is indebted to the six for retrieving the tribes sacred totem from the notorious bandit king, Hugo the Axe.  He rules over the village of Ul-Bakak which is one of the few safe havens in the Bright Desert, and also the center of trade for many of the factions that inhabit it.

Chief Kumheik has pledged the Eagle Barbarians help in defeating the forces of Rary, but of course the other tribes must be convinced.  The six were previously in the village, when they were attacked by a mysterious assassin.  The heroes chased their foe into the adjoining hills and down a tunnel which opened up into a huge cavern occupied by a massive spire.  The six are currently in that spire pursuing their attacker.