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The Alignment Test

Take the test, keep track of your answers, youíll need pencil and paper.  There are no wrong answers, this test is meant to determine your characterís alignment, or even your own if youíre interested.  If you think that alignments for characters are unnecessary, and generally a waste of time, consider this test more of a character "personality inclination" rather than an alignment test.

  1. Your mid-level character is one day into a two day trip between villages.  He comes across two Goblins headed in the opposite direction, and carrying what appears to be a basket of fresh food, that they must have just collected.  The Goblins quickly assess that you are not one to mess with, judging from your clothing and weaponry.  Which reaction would you most likely take:
  2. a.  Say "Hello fellow creatures, have a nice day" to the harmless little guys, and continue on your way.
    b.  Draw your trusty sword/wand and kill the little menaces.
    c.  Tell the "ugly little creeps to get out of your way".
    d.  Tell them to give you their food, and never come back or youíll kill them.
    e.  Avoid eye contact and walk past them.
    f.  Try to get a conversation going with them, in hopes of learning where their lair is, so that you may find it and wipe out the whole clan.


  3. You are hired by a local baron to perform a task for him, for a reward of 100 gold.  You complete the task, which turned out to be a little more difficult than you expected, but nonetheless you were successful.  Upon your return to his home, you find a note informing you that he was called to meet the king while you were away, and that he would not be returning for a few weeks.  He instructs you to take your payment from the coffers, as only a couple of servants are still present in his home.  You open the coffers to find gold and gems scattered everywhere.  The servant who lead you there has no idea of the agreed upon payment, what do you do?:
  4. a.  Take the agreed upon 100gp
    b.  Take the 100gp, even though you deserve a little more for the difficult task
    c.  Go get a wagon and take everything
    d.  Take as much as you can fit in your pockets and pack, assuring the servant that the baron agreed to that payment.
    e.  Take no money, as you have enough for necessities.
    f.  Take the 100gp, but give what you donít need away to the local people in need.
    g.  Take the 100 gold, plus a little extra for the difficulty of the mission
    h.  Take the 100 gold plus as much as you think would go unnoticed.

  5. You are carrying time sensitive information along a road between two towns, when you find a wool merchant trapped under an overturned wagon.  His oxen have wandered off, and he appears to be unharmed, but trapped under the weight of the wool and damaged wagon.
  6. a.  You continue on your way, as your mission is important, and others should be along this road soon that will help him.
    b.  You offer to help him out, for a fee.
    c.  You take his bag of coins laying next to the cart, and leave the merchant where he is.
    d.  You tell him that you are on an important mission, and that you will send help from the next town.
    e.  You get to work pulling away the broken cart and bales of wool until he is freed, then you help him gather up his oxen.
    f.  You grab his bag of coins and then slit his throat.


  7. Your powerful character has stopped at an Inn for the night.  He is told of a powerful giant that has been killing and pillaging the town since yesterday.  You:
  8. a.  Enjoy the story, then get some sleep, youíve got a long way to go tomorrow.
    b.  Consider the giant a worthy adversary, and decide to see if you can best him.
    c.  Instigate a barroom brawl, grab the cash box, then high tail it out of there, before the giant shows up.
    d.  Get up in the middle of the night, kill the Inn keeper, take his money, then light the Inn on fire, everyone will think the Giant is responsible.
    e.  Find the giant and warn him that if he continues to pillage, you will slay him.


  9. You pass through a city where troublemakers are put in stocks in the city square, to be scorned by all who see them.  You:
  10. a.  You join in with the children who are pelting the criminals with rocks and tomatoes.
    b.  You hand the kids daggers and tell them to try throwing those.
    c.  Ignore this local punishment; it has nothing to do with you.
    d.  Figure that the bums probably deserved their punishment.
    e.  Scold the children for their behaviour, and tell them to go home.
    f.  Get drunk at a local pub, then come back and scream insults at the prisoners until you are hoarse.
    g.  Drag a child into an abandoned warehouse, then sodomize and kill him.



  11. You are home at last, settling down after a long adventure.  You acquired much fame for slaying a dragon, not to mention wealth.  Your first order of action is:
  12. a.  Head in to town, to brag about your tales, receive the adoration of the locals, and hopefully bed down a peasant girl.
    b.  Assess the value of the items you have, and store them up with the rest of your hoard, making note that tomorrow you will need to hire a quality locksmith to reinforce your existing locks and security.
    c.  Celebrate by raping and pillaging your town, no one can stop you now.
    d.  Consider how best to disperse your wealth amongst your community, to ensure that the needy are helped.
    e.  Have a good meal, sit and front of the fire, and hope nobody realizes you are back.
    f.  Punish the servants that are still around, for allowing the place to fall apart.


  13. Your character somehow finds himself gagged and shackled in an Orc prison.  Tomorrow you are to be the main course for their high religious feast.  That day, while the Orcs are preparing, a party of adventurers sneaks into the cave and frees you, while most of the orcs are in the main cavern in prayer.
  14. a.  You thank the party for rescuing you, then head on your way out past the slain guards at the cave entrance.
    b.  You wish the party well, and take up arms to help them defeat the Orcs.
    c.  Convince the party that you are a valiant fighter, and ask if you can borrow some of their magic items, so that you may help them in their quest.  When you see your chance, you split with their stuff.
    d.  Thank them for freeing you, then leave the cavern.  Once you get to the mouth of the cave, you start a rockslide that covers the entrance, trapping both rescuers and Orcs inside.
    e.  Just quiver in the corner, hoping they will go away, youíre too afraid to do anything.


  15. Your party of adventurers has just defeated some monstrous inhabitants of a ruins.  You have found a bunch of treasure, some magical.
  16. a.  You split the treasure equally among all members, giving magic items to the most appropriate characters.
    b.  You claim the magic wand, even though youíre a fighter, claiming that itís your turn to get an item.  The mage will have to buy it from you.
    c.  Pocket the gems without letting the others see you, they donít appreciate the beauty of emeralds anyway.
    d.  Cast a delayed blast fireball and offer to take up guard outside while the others collect the treasure.
    e.  Divide the treasure up based upon character contribution.  Those who didnít fight, donít get any.
    f.  Decline taking any, you donít need or want it.


  17. You are on the top floor of a tower to meet with the Duke, at his request.  You smell smoke, your arch enemy has laid an ambush, and the entire first floor is ablaze.  You and many servants are trapped inside.  Your only escape appears to be the roof.
  18. a.  You gather up the servants and make a rope out of sheets and tapestries, you let the others climb down, as the fire quickly advances up the tower.
    b.  You gather up the servants and make a rope out of sheets and tapestries, then be the first one to climb down, while the flames begin burning through the floor.
    c.  You gather up the servants, slay and disembowel them, then use their intestines as an escape rope.
    d.  Save your butt by trying the rarely used skill "climb red-hot walls" or contemplate "lets see I should have enough hit points to survive a 40 foot fall".
    e.  You decide to perish in the flames, to end this feud that has claimed so many innocent bystanders.
    f.  You look over the edge until you see your enemy, then jump off the roof, in hopes of smashing him into the ground.


  19. Your group is travelling when you see a small village ahead your party stops to contemplate your next move, you suggest:

a.  Circling around the town and avoiding any interaction with the inhabitants.
b.  Staying here until night, then sneaking in and stealing some fresh horses and food.
c.  Poisoning the well, then start selling "the cure" which in turn just causes further stomach pain and eventual death, then you can skin the bodies to make a sack to carry dead babies in.
d.  Head into town for a fresh meal and a warm bed.
e.  Head into town offering to help heal the sick, or offer gold to the needy.
f.  Circling the town, to keep some of your party members from senselessly killing some innocent townsfolk.




Now to score the test:

Make four(4) columns labeled  C, G, K & N.  Depending upon which answer you gave, different points will be placed in the appropriate columns.  Example if you answered (a) to question (1), you would put a 2 in column K and a 1 in column N.  After the scoring is completed, total up the points in each column, example:
Your total score was C=4 G=15 K=12 N=6

First determine which column was has the highest value.  If its the N column, then stop lying, and take the quiz for real, as there are no such thing as true neutral characters, and donít tell me about your Druid, if he were truly neutral, he wouldnít be out adventuring, and would only fight in pure self defence, and that Neutral thief would really be Chaotic Neutral.  OK we got rid of the fakers, now lets move on.  Time for a little math.

First double the score for column K, then determine whether column G is larger than column C, if so, then add the score of column N to column K.  If not then subtract the score of column N from Column K. Now add the scores of column C and G together and then subtract them from the K&N score.  You may get a negative number.  Here is the formula:

If C > G then  Alignment Score = 2*K - (N+C+G)

If  G > C then Alignment Score = (2*K+N) - (C+G)



Not too difficult, now look up your score on the alignment table.
1.  C G K N 
a.  0  0  2  1 
b.  4  1  0  0 
c.  2  0  0  1 
d.  3  3  0  0 
e.  1  0  0  3 
f.   5  4  0  0 

2.  C G K N 
a.  0  1  2  1 
b.  0  2  0  0 
c.  2  6  0  0 
d.  1  4  0  0 
e.  0  0  1  1 
f.   0  0  4  0 
g.  0  2  0  0 
h.  0  3  0  1 
3.  C G K N 
a.  2  0  0  2 
b.  1  3  1  0 
c.  3  6  0  1 
d.  1  1  1  1 
e.  0  0  4  0 
f.  6  6  0  0 

4.  C G K N 
a.  1  1  0  3 
b.  0  2  2  1 
c.  2  6  0  2 
d.  6  6  0  0 
e.  0  0  4  0 

5.  C G K N 
a.  3  1  0  0 
b.  4  1  0  1 
c.  0  1  0  3 
d.  1  1  0  0 
e.  0  0  3  0 
f.   2  1  0  0 
g.  6  6  0  0

6.  C G K N 
a.  1  5  0  0 
b.  0  6  0  2 
c.  6  6  0  0 
d.  0  0  6  0 
e.  0  2  0  4 
f.   3  1  0  1 
7.  C G K N 
a.  0  1  1  2 
b.  0  0  3  0 
c.  2  6  0  1 
d.  4  1  0  0 
e.  0  0  1  1 
f.   0  1  0  4 

8.  C G K N 
a.  0  1  3  1 
b.  1  4  0  0 
c.  0  4  0  1 
d.  6  5  0  0 
e.  1  3  0  0 
f.   0  0  1  1 

9.  C G K N 
a.  0  0  5  0 
b.  0  2  2  0 
c.  6  4  0  0 
d.  0  2  0  2 
e.  0  2  2  0 
f.   2  2  0  1 

10. C G K N 
a.   0  0  0  4 
b.   1  4  0  1 
c.   6  4  0  0 
d.   0  2  0  0 
e.   0  0  4  0 
f.    1  3  1  1

Alignment Score Table 


Pure Good - Your goodness transcends even laws, as they do not apply to someone who always thinks of others first.  Who are you kidding, I didnít know Mother Theresa went adventuring.




Good (Lawful&Neutral) - You are basically a good doer, though you enjoy the rewards, whether they are fortune or fame, your typical hero adventurer.




Chaotic Good - Youíre willing to help those in need, but saving your own hide comes first, unless thereís something in it for you.  Your typical good aligned thief adventurer.




Chaotic (Chaotic Neutral) - You are only interested in self preservation and personal gain.  Peoples needs are not your concern, unless they are willing to pay you.  You are a cold hearted adventurer.




Lawful Evil - You are an evil coward, taking advantage of those in need, and interested only in personal gain.  You will kill and steal if you think you can get away with it.  Typical Assassin type character.

-60 <

Chaotic Evil Ė You thrive on bringing pain and terror to others.  You never give mercy, and whatever you want you take.  The price on your head is not enough.  You are in fact one sick bastard.  You make Charles Manson look good.