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The Invincible

Lesser God, Common worship (Oeridian pantheon)
God of Chivalry, Honor, Justice, Valor, Daring



Symbol Silver lightning bolt  
Alignment Lawful Good  
Crusader Alignment LG, NG, LN (rare)  
Plane Seven Heavens  
Worshippers Warriors, paladins, knights, soldier, heroes  
Race Any (mostly human)  
Sex Any (mostly male)  
Attributes Strength 12, Dexterity 11, Charisma 13 -1
Proficiency Groups Warrior, Priest, General 5
Bonus Proficiency Battle axe 2
Preferred Weapon Battle axe  
Allowed Weapons Any 10
Armor Any, any shield (nearly always chainmail or improved chainmail)  
Primary Sphere Combat 10
Major Spheres All, Guardian, Healing, Law, Sun 33
Minor Spheres Charm, Divination, Necromantic, Protection 20
Additional Spells    
  Turn Undead (1/2 level, rounded up) 10
  Normal crusader followers 5
  THACO and multiple attacks as fighter 30
3rd level Base armor class of 9, or +1 to AC when wearing leather or padded armor 10
  Expertise in battle axe 1
7th level Base armor class of 8, or +2 to AC when wearing leather or padded armor, +1 when wearing chainmail/improved chainmail or lighter armors  
11th level Base armor class of 7, or +2 to AC when wearing chainmail/improved chainmail and lighter armors  
14th level Bolt of Energy (as for Heironeous, 1/day)
5 (1/day) + 6 (P6 in power) - 6 (14th level) - 0 (1 power) = 6
  Crusader gains as a saving throw versus dismembering or decapitating attacks, the save as hard metal against crushing blow, with +2 to the roll  
  Reduced spell casting (1 less spell of each level, no 7th level spells) -15
  Hatred of priests of Hextor: Heironeous's crusaders will attack them on sight, and show no quarter -2
  Honor: the crusader must show honesty and valor, similar to the knightly code of chivalry -3
Rainment Silvered chainmail, dark blue garb with silver trim  
Animal Eagle  
Holy Days Prior to battle; fasting and prayer, with sacrifice of finely wrought items  
Worshippers of Heironeous are present in most areas of the Flanaess, particularly in the Prelacy of Almor (where his worship is the state religion) and in the Shield Lands. Most of the paladins of Oerth follow Heironeous.
Heironeous has a long and violent rivalry with his half-brother Hextor, this rivalry carries over to the worshippers of both.
The armor class bonuses apply even when wearing magical armors or devices of protection
Heironeous's church closely resembles a knightly order, with priests and crusaders mixed in equally -- the church makes no distinction between the two save for the superior fighting ability of the crusader, and the superior priestly power of the priest. The head of a church can be either (in the case of Almor, the Prelate is a priest).

Crusaders of Heironeous who knowingly commit an evil act must atone in the manner of a paladin, this atonement typically requires prayer, fasting, and a feat of great heroism. Success is no guarantee of atonement, the crusader must both feel contrition in the soul and test the body to the greatest extent possible -- but any who die in the act of atonement are brought into the fold of their god.