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The Circle of Eight

bulletMordenkainen- The reputable 'leader' of the circle, Mordenkainen lives in his tower somewhere in the Yatil Mountains. Although he does not frequent Greyhawk as in days past, he is still very much a part of the political arena.
bulletOtiluke-brash and brazen, Otiluke is known best perhaps for his temper and impatience. Small and weak, what he lacks physically he more than compensates for in magical ability. He is most noted for the Ioun Stone which whirls about his head, speeding up and slowing down as his mood dictates.
bulletRary- where it not for his leaning toward the 'good' side of things instead of trying to maintain 'balance', Rary might very well be the leader of the circle. As it is, this 70 year old mage is one of the most powerful, being of the 23rd level. Some viscious rumor that he slew two of his comrades has forced this once-noble man to flee for his life at set up keep in the Bright Desert.
bulletBigby- pale and very lean, Bigby, while powerful, borders on obsession when it comes to protecting himself. It is his strong influence which keeps the circle from jumping rashly into any task without first solving all potential outcomes.
bulletDrawmij-the most secretive of all the magi in the Circle of Eight, Drawmij is never NOT in a disguise of some sort. While in his 50's in age, he appears as a youthful 20 year old. He has a tower somewhere deep in the Azure Sea, and spends much of his time with Mer-folk.
bulletNystul- always the secretive one, Nystul is the master of subtlety. At 6'7" and only 174#, this mighty mage resembles a gangly farm boy more than a wickedly powerful wizard.
bulletOtto- a rather large (300 lbs!) mage of no small skill, this member of the circle is noted for his affinity to music.
bulletTenser- Polite, sharp of wit and tact, Tenser is the forerunner of good within the circle. He is forceful when it comes to matters of import to him, and has been known to employ the use of Geas spells to get his way.